View & Download Discord Profile Picture (PFP)

Tool to view someones Discord profile picture in full HD

Discord Profile Viewer

Download Discord Profile Pictures

This tool can be used to view and download (grab) someones Discord profile picture (PFP) and banner in full HD (High Definition) size. It will also show you information about their Discord account, such as the exact date the Discord account was created, the account age, banner image, and much more. This is a free service that costs nothing to use. You can use it to look up information about any Discord user and Bot and view and Download their profile and banner pictures.

How do I get the Discord User ID?

In order to find a Discord User ID you will first need to enable Developer mode on your Discord client. The setting for Developer mode is found in different tabs within the main "Settings" menu depending on what device is being used.
For those on a PC: Developer mode can be enabled in the Settings -> "Advanced Settings" tab For those on an iOS device: Developer mode can be enabled in the Settings -> "Appearance" tab For those on an Andriod device: Developer mode can be enabled in the Settings -> "Behaviour" tab
Once Developer mode is enabled, on PC you can right-click any Discord profile and copy their User ID. If you're on mobile, simply press down on the Discord account you want to copy the ID for, then press the 3 dots and finally press the "Copy ID" button.
Check out this video if you're stuck.

How do I use the Discord PFP download tool?

Simply input the Discord user ID for the account or bot you want to view then solve the captcha (press "I am not a robot") then press the "check user" button. After this, all the information about the Discord user including their profile picture and banner will be shown. You can click the pfp or banner to view it in full size then download it at your own wish.

How do I view a Discord Server Profile Picture Icon?

If you'd like to view, download, or grab the profile picture icon or banner of a Discord server instead of a user, you can use this tool we built. You can simply input any Discord server invite link and it will show you the profile picture and much more information.

More information about this tool:

There are many reasons to use this tool. Namely the fact that Discord does not normally let you view or download the full size profile picture or banner of a user. This is why we made this tool, it can be used be absolutely anyone on any device (even mobile) to easily and efficiently grab, view and download someones Discord profile picture (pfp).
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If you notice any errors with the output of the tool or would like to suggest some improvements, we'd love to hear it. Just press the "Contact us" button in the footer below and drop us a message! Please note that we are not affiliated with Discord.