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Get Discord Server Information, Server Icon, and Banner

You can be used to extract lots of information from a Discord Server. It will show you information about the Discord Server such as the server profile picture icon, server banner, server name, server splash banner, server description, member count, online users, and the invite expiration date.

How do I use the Discord Invite Information Tool?

Simply enter any valid Discord Invite into our tool above and press "Get Information". You can enter the raw Discord Invite link, or simply the invite code. It doesn't matter.

How do I get a Discord Server Invite?

You can get a Discord Server Invite from a Discord server listing website, or on the web somewhere. It doesn't matter where you get the server invite from, but you can use our tool above to check all the information such as the server profile picture, server banner, member count, server description, online members etc.. regarding the Discord server you have been invited to.

More Information about this Tool:

There are many good reasons to use this tool. Mostly due to the fact Discord does not natively display much information about a server and there's no way to download a discord server profile picture or banner otherwise. With this tool you can easily check all of the information about a Discord server, simply by just inputting an invite link.

The main use cases for this tool are to download, check, or grab a Discord server profile picture, splash banner, or regular banner. You can also use the tool to view key information such as server membercount, description, and total online users.

This project is made possible by Discadia which is the top Discord Server List for finding Discord servers.

If you have a suggestion to improve this tool, or notice something not working correctly please reach out to us via the "Contact us" button in the page footer. Please note that we are not affiliated with Discord